Grasmere Grange Mysteries

I’ve started planting the early seeds for a new series of cosy mysteries. They are going to be based in the Lake District (Cumbria) which gives me a huge amount of cosy locations to work with, and offers enough ‘remoteness’ for creating atmosphere and local characters. 

Penelope Grainger inherits a cottage on Grasmere Grange from her rarely-seen aunt and decides to retire from her stressful job as an Events Organiser in Chelmsford, to the beautiful valleys of Cumbria.


The cottage she inherits sits on a low fell overlooking the picturesque village of Grasmere and is the gatehouse for a large and rambling country estate called Grasmere Grange. The grange is owned by Lord Belmont Carnaby, but the gatehouse was bought by Penelope’s great-grandfather from the grange’s owner just after WW1. There is still a fair amount of gossip in the valley over why the Lord should have wished to sell the cottage, and even concerns over how Pen’s great-grandfather could even afford such a property, but possibly time will furnish us with these details.


So, as Pen settles into the Cumbrian way of life with all its benefits and some of its hurdles, she begins to wonder if she has made the right move. Grasmere is so busy during the tourist season and almost deserted during the winter, and the locals seem to have a language of their own, as well as many foibles which she cannot quite fathom. Add to this, the fact that Pen cannot drive, and she finds that the local shops offer very little in the way of groceries, she wonders if she is going to feel isolated in such a community.


But, come on, I couldn’t let that happen to Pen now would I. Over the series of books, I will have her make loads of friends, as well as a few enemies, and who knows, there might even be some love-life on the horizon. I’ve got some great adventures planned for Pen to get up to, but she’s got to get a few sidekicks before we can proceed any further. Of course, she needs a dog, preferably a cute mongrel, rescued of course. I might even get her a few hens, and a bike, and some good neighbours. She especially needs a best friend and I’ve got just the person lined up for her – the last person you might expect a professional from Chelmsford to befriend.


So, keep an eye out for my new series – hopefully, I’ll have something out early in the new year.

Happy reading.


New Cosy Mystery Series Planned for the Lake District

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