My husband and I love nothing more than to get out and explore the countryside. We walk our dogs daily and go for longer walks when we have the time (we are both so busy). As you probably already know, I draw inspiration for my books from all around where I live, and walking helps me focus on what makes Cornwall so unique.

A few years ago, we were introduced to Geocaching, something I had heard of but didn’t really know what it was. Fast forward, and we’re now into our second year of Geocaching and it is still regularly used as an excuse to go somewhere new (like we need one!). To spread the word, I thought that I might create a list of the 12 reasons to go Geocaching in Cornwall, but first…



What is Geocaching?

So, very quickly, what is Geocaching? The best way to imagine it is to think along the line of what treasure hunts used to be when we were children. Only… it’s grown up a bit.

12 Reasons to go Geocaching in Cornwall

Still interested, following, are some quick FAQs:

What is a Geocache? A geocache is an object (normally a container) hidden somewhere in the world. Presently, there are more than 3 million hidden in over 190 countries worldwide.

How Do I Find Them? You Use an App on Your Phone to Navigate to them.

How Much Does It Cost? The basic membership is free. It is available here.

12 Reasons to go Geocaching in Cornwall

The process of finding caches is similar to those childhood treasure hunts. However, with Geocaching, you don’t have someone telling you ‘hot’ or ‘getting colder’, you go about it in a different way; using GPS.

Firstly, you will probably not know the person who has hidden the cache. You use the phone App to guide you in locating the cache, and when you do, you log the find and leave a message. Sometimes, you can pick up a collectible or travel bug – you’ll need to Google these to find out what they are!

12 Reasons to go Geocaching in Cornwall

And that is basically it; a treasure hunt you can plan in advance which will take you to the most unexplored places on earth, even in Cornwall.


Following are my 12 reasons to go Geocaching in Cornwall:

1. Create Your Own Adventure. Use the Geocaching App to plan your Cornish adventure in advance.

2. Get Outside! Geocaching gives you a reason to get out and explore the amazing countryside (and the city!)

3. Be Healthy and Happy. Walking and exploring are great for your physical and mental health.

4. Fun for the Whole Family. Young children will love ‘treasure hunting’. Actual quote from my I-hate-walking son: “It almost makes walking fun!”

12 Reasons to go Geocaching in Cornwall

5. Explore Cornwall. Visit places in Cornwall (and anywhere in the world) which you would never have visited – even in your own back yard!

6. Experience New Places Like a Local. Get the insider’s view from local contributors – all caches are placed in publicly accessible locations.

7. Learn Fun Facts and History about Planet Earth. Learn about the places that each cache has been placed; many have great stories. EarthCaches are a special type of cache at a geological location that you can visit to learn about the unique feature.

8. Interact and Give Back Too! Interact with other cachers by leaving feedback and updates about caches.

12 Reasons to go Geocaching in Cornwall

9. Make New Friends and Socialise. With regular meet-ups in Cornwall (normally pubs), you can find out about what is going on in the geocaching world. Network to get the lowdown on that one missing cache you simply cannot find.

10. Stretch Yourself – Both physically and mentally. Every Geocache has difficulty ratings for both its terrain and complexity. Start on the simple ones and advance.

11. Grab a Moment of Peace. Even on the busy Cornish Coast, we can find our own little space to just sit down and contemplate (and eat!)

12. Create Your Own Stories to Last a Lifetime. By logging geocaches, we are creating a record of all the places we have visited. It’ll be great to look back on when we get old(er).

So, there is it. What are you waiting for? It’s easy and free, and if my husband and I can work out the tech, so can you!


12 Reasons to go Geocaching in Cornwall
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