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To increase reader feedback, I have created the following genuine promotion.

  1. Submit a review of one of my books on Amazon.
  2. Complete the form below (within two hours of placing your review).
  3. Receive a free copy of the e-book of your choice from my single story range.

Small(ish) Print

  1. Your free e-book will be emailed out to your submitted email address.
  2. Reviews will be manually checked, and only one free e-book will be sent out per review.
  3. You must submit the request within two hours of posting your Amazon review. This is to stop people fraudulently using other people’s reviews (sorry – this is the world we live in!).
  4. Your free e-book will be sent in PDF format which can be viewed on all platforms.
  5. Single e-books only – no box sets.
  6. Verified Purchases only.
  7. Due to limited resources, turnaround may not be immediate – but don’t worry, I will get around to you!
  8. You data will not be held or used for any purpose than for this promotion.