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This is the website for author Carl Nattrass. If you were looking for something else then you're lost! However, you're more than welcome to stay a while.

It's been quite a hectic month. I've been putting the finishing touches on the new Towpath Mystery entitled The Christmas Parcel and it is finally out on amazon for pre-order. I have also been working on the fourth Orphans' Society novella which until finished meant that I could not release #2 in the series (they are closely linked). However the second in the series, Apsorbirati is now available for preorder and it is turning out to be a powerful story!

During the summer, I started on a new book titled The Girl from Menorca which is a completely new genre for me being based in the 1930's, although still a mystery story. I'm really looking forward to putting the finishing touches on it.

I have also started laying the foundations for the third Towpath Mysterys novel and I have called it Murder in the Willows. I think you'll like it!

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Towpath Mysteries Series

This series of books takes the reader on a journey around the picturesque villages and waterways of England with a little help from Mrs. P.

In the first book called The Missing Chalice, our nosey heroine, Marianne Parmenter, retires and fulfills a lifelong dream by buying a canal boat. She plans a precious few years of nosing around the English canals doing spectacularly little.

However, retirement is not quite ready for Mrs. P., and she finds herself drawn into village life and concerns about a local death.

Is it just her overactive imagination or is something strange going on in Wyevale?

Joe Fletcher Novel Series

Meet Joe Fletcher, an under-worked P.I. living in the barrier island paradise of South West Florida. He wants nothing better than to surf, drink beer, listen to Jimmy Buffett and relax.

However, against a backdrop of tropical palms, ridiculously white beaches, and more bars than even he can drink at, he is reluctantly drawn into one mystery after another.

Will he ever get that vacation he has been hoping for?

Will he ever admit that he is in love with Kirsty?

More importantly, will he ever get to learn how to surf?

The Orphans' Society Novella Series

The Orphans' Society is a new series of novellas; shorter books which will take the reader on an astonishing journey into the supernatural.

In the first book, Shadow School, you will discover that we are not the only humans sharing our planet today!

Take a trip into the world of vampires and the supernatural in the first in this brilliant series as it introduces you to the main characters of the journey, and the biggest decision of Daniel's life; whether or not to return to school!

Under an Iron Sun

Part of a planned trilogy, the book is based in 1930's Tunisa amidst the pre-war tensions of Europe. As France maintains its dominance over Western North Africa, Leon Afflelou enjoys, to some, an enviable life.

But all is about to change forever. 12 hours later, he is on the run from the police, brutally chased, accused of spying and carrying a death sentence on his head.

This book takes Leon, and the reader, on a fast-paced, weaving chase in which he must stay ahead of local and French police, as well as German intelligence.

I don't wish to give too much away, but if I've captured your imagination, you can read more here.

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