Cosy Mystery

Posted: 16/10/18

New Book Release

My latest cosy mystery story, Jewellery & Jodhpurs, is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Welcome to the ordinary world of Pippa Welbury – Cornwall’s #1 dog-walking sleuth
Walks along Polperro’s cliff tops, afternoon teas (with gin), baking local delicacies, moaning about the bus service, and tentatively feeling her way through life. This is Pippa Welbury.

Mystery #7: Jewellery and Jodhpurs
When local fashion boutique owner Farah Rowe has an affair, she has no idea of the series of events that it will trigger, least of all her own death!

One sunny autumn afternoon, her ever-faithful husband, Antony, strangles her in a fit of jealousy; she is later found amongst the summer-season sale items by a customer.

This event, however important to the couple, passes Pippa Welbury by completely unnoticed. That is, until a few days later, when Pippa meets up with her friend Kate who is devastated over the murder. Kate, Pippa best friend in all of the world, not including Benjamin of course, has known the couple all her life. She has lost not one family friend, but two; the murdered woman and the murderer. The thing is, Kate knows that Antony simply would not do it!

Spurred on by her friend’s distress, Pippa dons her Hetty Wainthropp beret and begins sniffing around the fashion mecca that is Fowey. As you might expect, a mystery begins to emerge, and Pippa needs to use some of her unique one-of-a-kind skills to make sense of it.

Cornwall is at its autumn loveliest as Pippa attempts to solve this cozy mystery before her Hevva cake goes stale.