Under an Iron Sun - a synopsis

1930's Tunisia, and life for Leon is good.

Sitting in his favourite bar, overlooking the sea, and drinking pastis, and getting paid for it, Leon contemplates if life could be any better; he has an easy job, his own apartment, a loving girlfriend, and great friends.

But life is about to change forever. 12 hours later, he is on the run from the police, brutally chased, accused of spying and carrying a death sentence on his head.

This book takes Leon, and the reader, on a fast-paced, weaving chase in which he must stay ahead of local and French police, as well as German intelligence. The only person who believes him is a member of the British SOE operating in the area. Leon must scratch the back of the SOE for help, but finds that this might be the type of work he could get used to.

During an era of national distrust, global posturing, and improvised spying, Leon Afflelou must do what is needed to clear his name.

Is he merely an unfortunate bystander in a deadly game?

Under an Iron Sun is the first book in a series called The Eisen Project.

The Eisen Project

The Eisen Project is an entity which all the leading intelligence organisations of the world are looking for. Only the Germans know its exact details, but in an unprecedented security lapse, they 'mislay' it.

The missing project becomes apparent as the German authorities try to recover it. Based on the lengths they will go to, it is classed in the espionage rings as a 'game-changer'.