The Missing Chalice - Towpath Mysteries Series

When fifty-something year old Marianne Parmenter retires from running a successful graphic design business, she has planned, a spectacular few years of doing absolutely nothing other than nosing around the waterways of England. She dreams of long, lazy days on The Wanderer, her forty foot canal boat, cruising along at a graceful pace.

One evening she moors up near the small, picturesque village of Wyevale, and Mrs. P, as the villagers insist on calling her, soon begins to make friends and is even asked to join the local Parish Council. To confuse matters further, nagging doubts over her solitary lifestyle begin to simmer, after an unfortunate local death when she happens to bump into a special friend from the past; a police inspector called Paul Ryle.

Six months later, drawn inescapably into village life, Mrs. P realises the proverbial moss is beginning to grow on her boat's hull, and despite the apparent tranquility of the village, something is nagging at the back of her over-active mind; something to do with that recent death.

Set amidst the backdrop of a small, quintessentially English village, Mrs. P is drawn into a series of events which threaten to postpone her retirement plans a little longer.