In progress

Shadow School - An Orphans' Society Novella

This is the first novella in a new series.

Life in the big city isn't quite what Cat had been hoping for. Homeless, she finds a soul mate in Daniel and the pair attempt to create a life together. But for them it seems, fate has dealt a very different hand. A puzzling invitation opens up a new start for Daniel which will lead him into an alternative life; a life that he could never return from.

The Orphans' Society is a new series of novellas; shorter books which will take the reader on an astonishing journey into the supernatural. In The Orphans' Society, you will discover that there is more than one type of human being sharing our planet today and that not all of them are good. Shadow School is the first in this brilliant series as it introduces you to the main characters of the journey, and the biggest decision of Daniel's life; whether or not to return to school!